Four Tips For Succeeding In Driving School

When you sign up for driving school, you'll be learning in the classroom and then taking your skills out onto the road. The latter portion of your training gives you a chance to learn in the real world -- and hopefully impress your instructor enough to earn a passing grade. Even if you're nervous about navigating the roads of your city under the watchful eye of your instructor, it's important to keep your cool and be a safe driver. Here are four tips to keep in mind as you go through this phase of your training.

Watch Your Following Distance

An error that many new drivers make is following other motorists too closely. It's a good idea to practice your safe following distance during your driving school training, because following too closely on your driver's exam will cause you to lose some points. You should be keeping three seconds between your vehicle and the rear bumper of the driver in front of you. Remember that this guideline is based on dry road conditions -- if you're driving in the rain or snow, the interval should be greater.

Make Eye Contact

Part of being a safe driver is never assuming that you know what another motorist or a pedestrian will do. While you can't read minds, you can certainly get a better sense of someone's intentions by trying to make eye contact. If you're stopped at an intersection and a pedestrian is standing at the curb, for example, try to catch his or her eye and then make the necessary hand movements. For example, upon making eye contact, you can wave the pedestrian ahead to cross the road in front of you.

Don't Get Tunnel Vision

It's easy to begin staring out the windshield as you focus on the road ahead, but this bad habit means that you aren't thoroughly taking in your surroundings. You'll impress your driving instructor by consistently checking your mirrors, blind spots and, in general, keeping your head on a swivel as you drive. This is valuable at all times, but especially necessary during urban driving, given that you're more apt to encounter pedestrians and cyclists.

Stay Free Of Distractions

You'll quickly get corrected by your driving instructor if he or she notices that you're distracted while you're behind the wheel, so make sure that you stay focused on the task at hand. Never answer your cellphone or look at it, avoid playing with the radio and conversations about things that aren't related to driving. Your instructor will clearly see that you're taking the job seriously and your final grade will reflect your attitude. Click here to learn more about getting your driving permit.